Douglas County Hospital (Nebraska)

Douglas County Hospitals provide medical services to patients of all ages, including emergency medical services through the ER, labor and delivery, oncology care, and surgical care in Douglas County, Nebraska. Hospitals maintain several medical records, including birth records for babies born at the hospital which list the baby's name, date of birth, weight and length, and the names of the parents. Hospitals in Douglas County also create death records for people who pass away or are declared dead at the Hospital. These Douglas County death records list the deceased individual's name, the time and place of death, and the cause of death. Douglas County Hospitals also provide information about their doctors, their medical services, health information, and insurance information on their websites.

Boys Town National Research Hospital Omaha NE 555 North 30th Street 68131 402-498-6362

Boys Town National Research Hospital - West Boys Town NE 14000 Boys Town Hospital Road 68010 402-778-6000

CHI Health Bergan Mercy Omaha NE 7500 Mercy Road 68124 402-398-6060

Chi Health Creighton University Medical - Bergan Mercy Omaha NE 7500 Mercy Road 68124 402-398-6060

Chi Health Creighton University Medical Center Omaha NE 601 North 30th Street 68131 402-449-4000

Chi Health Immanuel Omaha NE 6901 North 72nd Street 68122 402-572-2121

Chi Health Lakeside Omaha NE 16901 Lakeside Hills Court 68130 402-717-8000

Children's Hospital & Medical Center Omaha NE 8200 Dodge Street 68114 402-955-5400

Douglas County Community Mental Health Center Omaha NE 4102 Woolworth Avenue 68105 402-444-7608

Lasting Hope Recovery Center Omaha NE 415 South 25th Avenue 68105 402-717-5300

Madonna Rehabilitation Specialty Hospital Omaha Omaha NE 17500 Burke Street 68118 402-401-3100

Methodist Hospital Omaha NE 8303 Dodge Street 68114 402-354-4000

Methodist Women's Hospital Omaha NE 707 North 190th Plaza 68022 402-815-4000

Midwest Surgical Hospital Omaha NE 7915 Farnam Drive 68114 402-399-1900

Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital Omaha NE 2808 South 143rd Plaza 68144 402-609-1600

Nebraska Spine Hospital Omaha NE 6901 North 72nd Street 68122 402-572-3000

Select Specialty Hospital - Omaha (Central Campus) Omaha NE 1870 South 75th Street 68124 402-361-5755

The Nebraska Medical Center Omaha NE 987400 Nebraska Medical Ctr 68198 402-552-2040

Va Medical Center - Omaha Omaha NE 4101 Woolworth Avenue 68105 800-451-5796